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Hello! It’s awesome to have you here!

I wanted to introduce ourselves and share the background to the adventure that started this all for us…

I’m Holly (the Oz) and personally, I had convinced myself that I hated the outdoors – a belief that had cemented itself in my brain from miserable camping experiences and hikes that felt more like route marches with my ex. I vowed to never do anything remotely ‘outdoorsy’ again!

But all of that changed when I started supporting SSAFA and signed up for the Midlands 30:30 in February 2019 with some mates. It’s a gruelling 30km (or 30 miles for the super-fit nutters) race carrying 30lbs of weight around the Peak District. Funny what you will do for charity!

While I was training in late 2018 I met Gary (the Man) and within a few weeks he had decided that he was going to do the challenge with me. Daft bugger!

I was definitely a couch potato but had set myself the challenge of losing 30lbs before the walk – the equivalent of what I would be carrying – so I hit the gym and started training.

Roll-on February and our team completed our reccies (the main photo above is of us on the Weaver Hills in the snow two weeks before the race). I had dropped 34lb too and was fitter than I had been in many years.

The 16th of February arrived and we set off on our 30km route. Here we are coming in to the second checkpoint of the day only about 7km in so we’re still smiling!

We completed the course in 10 hours and raised over £1000 for SSAFA! It was unlike any challenge either of us had ever completed – but we did it together!

Little did I know at the time that this would only be the start of our outdoor adventures together…

Since then, Gary has convinced me to go camping again and we’ve not only been away in our tiny tent but have been wild camping in hammocks too! We’ve seen some amazing sights on our walks and there is usually a good pub involved en-route but that’s all part of what makes it fun for me. The Man is most definitely in charge of gadgets and equipment and together we plan our adventures.

And you know what? It has helped me remember that I actually don’t hate the outdoors – I just associated it with some memories that I would rather forget. I was actually an airforce cadet when I was younger and some of my fondest memories were of bivouacking in the Aussie bush. Now all of those memories and the new ones we are creating are banishing the negatives from my memory.

So, this site is a way of sharing our ongoing outdoor adventures together and with our mates as we prove that it is never too old to start again and to rediscover a passion you thought you had lost. It’s the people you’re with who count…